Developing the knowledge base

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Developing the knowledge base

Postby forum.moderator » Tue Nov 19, 2013 2:56 pm

How might other countries adopt Denmark's evidence-based approach in systematically testing out different approaches to tackling acute social problems like homelessness? How can we improve the European evidence base on cost-effectiveness?
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Re: Developing the knowledge base

Postby SuviR » Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:34 pm

Dear all,

It was great to meet you all in Copenhagen, listen to your thoughs and get new insights. For me especially important was the discussions on concepts and terms related to Housing First. There are many different kind of research on Housing First, but still I think it is valuable to streghten the research-base of Housing First in a wide way (not only the evidence-base research). All research branches (random, comparative, evaluative, theoretical, conceptual, modeling, interactive and experience research) have their own valuable contribution in building strong knowledge base of HF.

It would be valuable to learn more about the details of how Denmark has conducted the data collection and data analysis in the evaluative research on different support methods and Housing First success factors. I see, that It is important to develop both quantitative and qualitative research; and large-scale and small-scale research designs; to be sensitive to local innovative “good practices”, practitioners and clients´ voice/ interaction. So that we would learn more about doing Housing First in practice (or HF in action) and being a Housing First resident/turn away from a schema as well as HF as macro level political key word.

All the best, Suvi Raitakari
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